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Tucson Samaritans

Tucson Samaritans provide water, food, first aid, and other essential items to migrants who cross the border in southern Arizona. Our goal is to alleviate the suffering of people who are making the arduous journey to a better life across the harsh Sonoran desert. Tucson Samaritans is a grassroots, volunteer-run, humanitarian aid organization. Join us in our work to provide aid and support to those in need by volunteering or making a donation.

2023 statistics


Humanitarian aid desert trips


Spent on supplies


Gallons of water distributed

Tucson Samaritans

Every week, Tucson Samaritans take up to 14 trips into the desert, delivering hundreds of gallons of water and dozens of pounds of food, while walking dozens of miles along faint trails.  Tucson Samaritans have traced over 2,000 miles of trails in the 1,500-square-mile area where we focus our efforts. Not knowing where or when migrants will walk these paths, we place water and food at places where we think migrants are likely to pass and check these drops regularly, resupplying as needed. We offer compassion and provide whatever care is needed when we encounter migrants.


Who We Are

Tucson Samaritans reflect the diversity of our community. We range in age from college students to people in their 80s. Some of us are multilingual; some speak only English. Some are recent immigrants while others trace their heritage for many generations in the Sonoran Desert. Some are motivated by their faith. Some can walk long distances; some prefer trips that require less exertion. Some have medical training or other helpful specialized skills.


All are committed to preventing suffering and death in our desert.


How You Can Help

We invite you to join us, whether on a Samaritan’s trip out of Tucson or by supporting our work financially.

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